I don’t know what fashion is.  I don’t know what portraits are.  People stand in front of my camera and I try to make sense of it.  They try to make sense of it.  It’s such a perverse equation: to point at a person and say “be the most genuine version of you, right now, and I’ll balance technology and art and try to represent that in two dimensions.”  Sometimes that pans out and sometimes it doesn’t.  

People talk about magic in photography all the time, if that exists, it’s creating that moment, briefly, and recognizing it as fleeting.  

Raven and I met through the editor of SodaPop Magazine, when she answered a casting call from the magazine.  She’d never shot in a studio before, and previously, she’d only worked with friends.  New models can go either way, but I was really excited about her openness to the camera and her willingness to take direction and push her own levels of experience.

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