Projectile: Muscle, Fat and Bone

It’s been difficult to write about this project and not dip into political rhetoric about gun control.  I’ve tried to keep this about me and my experiences for the artist statement but I’ve found it nearly impossible not to make mention of some of the more obvious underlying factors.  These objects aren’t meant to spark debate or invite the criticism of our system (or lack thereof) for controlling gun violence.  It was strictly a way for me to channel my frustration at yet another mass shooting, after another mass shooting, but before the next mass shooting and on and on ad finitum. 

After the fact there’s plenty of room to make comparisons between the once-organic matter, pressed and shaped in molds to form the shapes that destroy those very things.  The macro photography of tiny objects that are blown up to near comical sizes, pushing the viewer to contemplate every shard of bone, every sweaty curve of fat.  You could mention all these things and not be wrong.

I don’t imagine that this series will alter anyone’s perception about gun control.  I think that often, political art tends to get saddled with too much responsibility in that way.  It’s rare that any one thing changes any of us.  We are made of the pieces of experiences that we choose to remember or can’t make ourselves forget.   Most of us, myself included, are looking for evidence that backs up our own opinions.  Maybe I was creating my own evidence.  

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