Projectile, A Series

Like everyone, I’ve been really saddened and frustrated by the surge of mass shootings  in America.  Fighting the stagnation of legislature and a circular system that neither cares for the mentally ill OR limits access to guns seems like such an insurmountable task.   I’ve tried to channel that energy into creating this photo series of bullets made out of non-traditional materials.  

I wanted to talk about bullets in a different way, drawing attention to the destructive nature, but highlighting a kind of elegance as well.  This is a fine line as with any real decisive issue.  I don’t want to debate gun control with anyone, but rather create this thing that maybe reframes the conversation. 

My first attempt was basically paper mache pressed into a mold that I purchased for people who want to make their own reloads.  I got a really clean form and that lead to trying all kinds of things, some of them being more successful than others.   

I have started thinking about these more in terms of sculptures that I am documenting with photos rather than “photos of something.”  It’s the kind of distinction only some really nerdy art person would make but it feels like it needs to be said.   

This is a bone dust bullet before…

All in all, I have about 6 that I’m really happy about and a couple that could have turned out a little better.  There are a bunch of issues when it comes to working that small and how my fat fingers manage it! I’ve put a few on Instagram and I’ll be updating the site as well.  

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