Plastic/Fantastic: 35mm of Memphis

35mm shots from a couple of my plastic/fantastic cameras that I took with me on a trip to Memphis, Tenn, a couple months back.  All this film is well expired, run thru the x ray, stored improperly and generally treated badly.  It’s kind of what I love about photography though…the accidents, the color shifts, the screw-ups.  

Feel free to mail me your junky, time-weathered, forgotten rolls of film.

Howard and Todd, Episode 3.

The fourth episode of Howard and Todd drops Wednesday the 26th before breakfast on the west coast, so if you’re an episode behind, take a minute and catch up. It will be much shorter than a Netflix binge, promise. Halfway through the series!  I hope you’re enjoying it, laughing until you toot, and making nerdy jokes to people who haven’t seen the show yet.

I mean, you could talk with people about the new GOT, but I’ll sum it up for you: Dragons, that one weasel-y guy, some boobs, violence, Cersei probably acting like a real a-hole, incest, some other stuff.  You could probably sub all these talking points for Twin Peaks, too, just throw in an Agent Cooper every now and again.

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Thank you, and enjoy the next episode!


Living next to the flower district is one of the joys of living in DTLA.  Every morning trucks pull up to deliver fresh flowers to the market and there are so many fatalities that happen in the transfer.  I’ve always tried to push my work into the gorgeous-but-uncomfortable way, so these mixes of colors, sludge, cigarette butts, and fresh blooms is in line with that.

These have been shot on everything to my full frame, to my phone and a disposable.  Whatever is closest, usually.  There’s usually a guy who gets paid to sweep up chasing me out of the way.

Desert Postcards by Madeline Northway

My buddy Madeline Northway was visiting Los Angeles a couple weeks ago and hit up Joshua Tree for a photo trip.  The result was this beautiful set of custom postcards she had printed.  We are penpals, incidentally, and both huge fans of printed work and mail so this really fits right in.  I ordered a set last week and they look perfect!  You can see more of Madeline’s work here and order your own set of cards.

Howard And Todd Make A List, Episode 1

I’ve been sitting on this for SO LONG, I am really happy that it gets to see the light of day.  My buddy Brandon and I worked on this web-series together for the last two years.  I directed and co-wrote, he produced and did sound.  Patrick Churvis was our absolutely patient, brilliant and talented DP.  

Give this a watch and do me a HUGE favor and share this with your friends, your mom, your roommate.  But seriously, a repost on Facebook would mean the world to us.  Hope you enjoy!

Jordan Borges plays Howard, Kevin Bohleber is Todd, and Elizabeth Grullon is Loosie.

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