Memphis, in Photos

A cool thing about this blog is that this is literally my THIRD TIME WRITING THIS because for some unknown reason I keep effing deleting it by navigating forward or backwards.  That being said…Los Angeles was gorgeous, warm, and sunny in the beginning of February so I thought I’d fly to Memphis and help my dad move where it was 39 degrees and sleeting wet nonsense.  Also, an important fact is that there is a ton of new cool craft brews in Memphis and I think they all have about 3% alcohol in them.  

This is a photo of my brother and me.  I kept those bangs for another 15 years or so, but Jeremy still has this haircut, even today.

My dad had more ties than anyone would possibly need.  Here’s two of the better ones.  I don’t own 1) a suit or 2) a tie.  True story.  I moved to LA so I’d never have to wear either.  Formal wear in LA is your *nice* Tom’s and not a tank top.  But these ties…holy crap.  There was a banker’s box full of them.  It bears mentioning that I haven’t seen my dad wear a tie since 2010.

The Whole Foods had four kinds of mac and cheese on the hot bar.  I don’t really have a lot else to say about that.  This level of jealousy can’t really be put into words.

Lastly, I took this at the airport on the way back home.  You know I love a good, dreary, depressing landscape.  I used to call these my Flat World images because of the way cell phone camera’s kind of flatten space.  I still think that’s a good name for them.  And if you like sadsack photos, you should go check out Sad Bathrooms.  

A week later I went to Seattle, so come back for that soonish.

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