Interview with Mark Velasquez

Another audio interview!   I listen and watch stuff when I edit, so I’m expecting you do the same.  Or while you fold clothes or debone a fish or reattach the trucks on your skatingboard.  I’m not telling you what to do, just giving you suggestions.


Mark and I met a few years ago in downtown LA when he was showing some work at a gallery.  I’d been following him for a while on the streams and we’d worked with a few of the same people over the years but never officially crossed paths. I’m one of those weirdos that will be friends with you on social media AND in real life.  I’ll see you post that you’re going to be somewhere doing something and I’ll straight up SHOW UP and introduce myself.  If I see you out and I know you from social media, I will totally tell you I think you’re cool.  I’ve made a couple friends in real life like that, and Mark is for sure one of them.  (I’ve also alienated a few, too.  Some people just can’t swing real life.)

Over the years we’ve shared work, introduced each other to new models, met for beers and Korean food, and, most importantly, bitched about photography.  In this interview I try to give you a full-picture view of his start in photography and what he’s doing now.  His start in photography is really interesting because it wasn’t his first choice, so we talk about that, his college phase of “porn meets religion” and working with models.

Mark is mainly known for his work for Playboy and his wonderfully lit, sculptural photos of models.  But while watching his video series, I saw this whole other, earlier, theatrical side of him…Snow White, Santa Claus, pin-up calendars…thematically far away from where his now, but you can see the elements of staging and lighting that carry through all of his work.

Find Mark’s work here:




I’m still figuring out the audio and recording but I think this one sounds a lot better.  Again, if you’re a podcast wizard with some advice for this kind of call-to-call recording, I’d love to hear from you.  And if you’re an artist with something to say, let’s talk.

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