A Study in Rolled Paint

I’ve been a little stuck lately when it comes to shooting.  I am primarily an artist who works collaboratively and I thrive on the give and take with other artists.  Moving to Seattle put me in a place where those creative connections are harder to find and that’s brought up a lot of questions about how I work and what I want to work on next.  Moving here was also a way to distance myself from the commercial photography world in LA that can be overwhelming at times, and completely toxic at its worst.   

So I’m here with all this limitless artistic freedom, but it feels at times like the same kind of freedom you’d have on a deserted island–oppressive in its infinite vastness.  I work well with constraints.  Time, media, equipment, etc.  It’s been an experience to do a hard reset.

Finding and shooting a little series of found compositions has been therapeutic.  These were all at the South Lake Union Block Party for the SVC Steamroller Smackdown where they were making lino prints with a steamroller.  Pretty damn cool.

A recent side project has been opening a vintage postcard Etsy store, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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