Artist Interview With Lucy Lawrence

Lucy and I met a few years ago in Los Angeles when I was testing with her agency.  Over the years we ended up shooting a few times together.  She has a crazy interesting life as a model, a bass player for the band Dear Boy, and as an artist, drawing and painting.  I thought this was such a compelling intersection of talents and I’m kind of nosy (some would say curious) so I asked her if she was down for an interview. 

I tried a different format with a podcast/recorded interview so bear with the audio inconsistencies and my southern accent.   I like working with different interviewing methods and this one felt more conversational, but I don’t think anyone talks on the phone anymore so sometimes that feels awkward.  Will you sit in front of your computer and listen to a Soundcloud track?  Will you download it to your phone?  Maybe if I can get you to listen to this I can trick you into checking out my underground hip-hop mix tape.  I don’t know…I’m just playing with ideas here.  Make shit, break shit, as they say in Silicon Seattle.  

This blog doesn’t support an actual Soundcloud player, so I hosted it on another page.  Don’t yell at me, I’m just working with what I have here.  Also, if you’re a recording genius and you have tips and hints for recording phone calls, I’d love to hear them.   We lost connection around 5 minutes in so if there’s a slight continuity break while we get back into it.

You can see Lucy’s work and band at the links below.




If you are an artist with some shit to say, let me know.

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