Bandaids, Unflinching

If a little bandaid goo is going to set you off, today’s post is not for you.  But as an artist, I’m always looking for those moments where the offputting becomes interesting, compelling, or even gorgeous.  

I haven’t done a lot with macro photography in my career until recently shooting jewelry in a studio setting.  It’s such a fantastic tool for things like faceted jewels or chain links, but it’s also incredibly unforgiving.  Any flaw, blemish, scuff, fingerprint…you’re going to see it.  I think that’s the very thing I like about it, and aiming it at something like a used bandaid.  It’s unflinching in its honesty.

A Never-ending Stucco Facade

There is no end to the amount of stucco in Los Angeles.  For all the brilliant architectural movements we’ve helped spawn, for all the cool structures dotting the cityscape, we are QUICK to fall back on that cheap stucco facade, lending itself to an utterly featureless wall.  A few years ago I got really interested in the way cellphone photos kind of flattened space and distance and made everything look more one-dimensional.  Coupled with that, the architectural landscape in LA runs the gamut from brilliant to awful.  These “flat” looking photos of architectural eyesores seemed like a good pairing and thusly, the Flat World series was born.  

This building is a pretty perfect example of the where we are with commercial building design in LA…off-white grey, buffed over in a couple places, windowless, and seeming to go on forever.  Throw in one of those cell towers that looks like a tree and you’re good to go.  Spanish tile?  Don’t mind if I do!  Why?  No idea!  

I’m interested in the innate melancholy of having to work in a place like this, or live across the street from it, waking up to this looming grey expanse that describes nothing, tells you nothing, offers you nothing.  

Email me if you are interested in this print.  I have a limited run of 5 of these at 15”x7”, signed and numbered at $375.00 each.  

Hypebeast Scam

This is a good one!  Full disclosure, I got about 3 emails in before I realized I was being set up.  It was a perfect storm of 1) Wanting to work with Hypebeast, 2) Slow season 3) Cautious hope and optimism.  

A couple warning signs…They talk about money almost immediately.  I WISH people were this up front about money, sadly, they never are. This guy is good tho, because he drops a healthy sum of money and then when you agree to it…

He adds more money to the deal.  It’s a nice way to get a slow burn going.  There’s a few grammatical errors in this email but you could write them off as just email mistakes.  Lot’s more talk about money.  Again, most of the time there is no money, and secondly, we all just act like we can pay rent with the love we have for street fashion.  No one is EVER this up front about who is getting paid and how.  At this point I’m slightly suspicious and I email him back about a stylist.  He sends me a contract with a TON of misspellings.  Mainly, “HYPEBEATS” which is when I Googled this dude’s name and “scam” and found some near copies of this email floating around other places.

I emailed his buddy at the modeling agency which actually had a website, and he emailed me back immediately asking for money and dates for the shoot.  Yikes!  Buyer beware!  Or whatever analogy you’d like to make.  You could find yourself about $5000 poorer real fast if you aren’t vigilant.  My guess is you set it up with Chris at the modeling agency who then starts hammering you for the payment.  Jake at “Hypebeats” promises it’s on the way, go ahead and do the shoot and he’ll settle up after.  You drop the cash for the “modeling agency” which is just a fake email address and once your check clears you’ll never hear from them again.  

I get similar emails to this from Craigslist a lot, people who will string you along until you’ve invested a significant amount of time and then ask you for money.  This is the first time I’ve gotten one disguised as work.  Be careful out there!

Zine trade!

Firstly, you should be following @bbbaaawww on Instagram if you aren’t already.  But, if you are unaware, Bruno just published a fantastic zine that I was able to get my hands on last week.

Full color, high quality paper, and a limited run of 100!  If you’ve been following my work then you know I’m a huge fan of zines and printed material.  I was really happy to get my hands on a copy.  

You can see more of Bruno’s work here and order a zine for someone this holiday.

Raven, on Film

I’m on the fence about this Kodak BW C41 stuff.  You have to manually go back and take out any hint of color from the scans and I’m not sold on the ultimate results of the black and whiteness.  I realize these are things only a very picky person would bitch about.  The new developing place I’ve been using doesn’t actually process true black and white film so I’m stuck using this kind of 2nd-cousin of BW film which is mostly ok but just a little off.  Exactly like my 2nd cousin.

Using Format