Sad Bathrooms

Little Tokyo has great bathrooms.  I don’t mean in a clean way, I mean in a–this bathroom has character unlike other bathrooms I have seen–way.  I don’t want to go on and on about “seeing the unseen” and “paying attention to the things other people don’t pay attention to” because that’s boring as shit and you’ve heard that from 1000 artists already. There’s some truth there, I suppose, in the way that we get conditioned to accepting public restrooms being in a certain way.  But the smaller things stuck out to me…plastic plants, framed photos, stains on walls, extensions cords to nowhere.  With the plants there is an obvious attempt to add life to a windowless room that is probably lit with fluorescent lights that would otherwise look too bare without them.  But the blemishes, the damage, the stains, all of these things started to speak to me as well.  I don’t know what they are saying yet, but you can see more here.

The Old Vegas Neon Museum

Back in the day I hit up Las Vegas to photograph some of Paul Williams buildings, one of which was the old location for the Neon Museum.  I really like these photos, although I don’t think the people I shot them for ever used them.  I so rarely shoot in hard-ass direct sunlight, so stuff like this ends up being a real challenge for me.  Enjoy.

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